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Semi-Friends Only



This journal is SEMI-LOCKED as there are personal entries which I would prefer to keep it locked due to privacy issues. However, some of my fandom entries are open to the public. Picspams, news-related entries will always be open! (: So if you're coming for the picspams, please don't worry too much, I'll always share them with everyone! (:

My Fandom:
V6; My main fandom will be V6 and other side fandoms like Tokio, Kinki Kids, Arashi (:

My official OTP(s):
Goken (Morita Go & Miyake Ken)  Any kamisen mix, I'm fine with all.

My Ichiban(s):
 Go Morita , Junichi Okada
And Morita is definitely chasing up in terms of ranking. haha!

To slowly end this off; please leave a comment before adding me! I'm not trying to sound stuck-up or anything. I just want an assurance that you're actually interested in my journal which is why you would like to be friends. I don't have any terms and conditions, just to have a great time and let's have better friendships through livejournal.

Therefore, if you do not comment and just add me, I'm sorry that I'll not accept you. I have some experiences where people add me and I don't see them again. This makes me paranoid, so I just hope you'll help me out with this small request of mine. 

Last of all, I'm not scary and I do not bite. So feel free to add me.
Only that I do lots of entries all the time. Which may flood your friends' page.

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If you laugh for the following, lets become friends!

Coming Century Concert - Osaka 2002.10.06
Go: Hey.. Ken, Ken!
Ken: Yes?
Go: Let me look at your butt!
Ken: ..... (silence) Okay~♪
Go: Huh!? (Laughs)
Ken: Anyway I don't get to lose anything. But I don't like to be bitten like Anpan man okay?

Junon (2001, Jan) - 『これがV6流お笑い道だ!』 森田剛×三宅健BACKSTAGE TALK
Ken: Stop it! Don't touch me!
Go: But in reality you love it!
yukihiro: so beautiful

Thank you flumpool, Thank you WEAVER

Back from my WEAVER & flumpool's showcase at SCAPE (Singapore)

Some photos to round up this whole experience!

Tickets with my companions for the live!

How was the experience; It was MAGICAL

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There was a 15-20mins break before flumpool appeared and it was CRAZY when they appeared, everyone (or almost everyone) CHEERED, FANGIRLED, SCREAMED!

And before the whole band took their "seats", I have already spotted the Bassist (Genki) whom I've liked earlier on while watching their videos. And yes, he is as handsome as I thought! The atmosphere for flumpool was different from WEAVER, a higher level of rock-ing and their songs were amazing (though as usual, I didn't know all of it). My eyes were mainly on Bassist and Vocalist (Ryuta) because of our positions, but it also means the 2 most handsome members for me to admire. 

The introduction of members were very cute! Vocalist (Ryuta) referred his band mates as "left side" "right side" "behind", and
- He made the Bassist speak! Heard that he is a very quiet guy!
- Drummer headed to the front and smiled like the sun is on him (Reminds me of yukihiro!)
- Introduced Guitarist (Sakai) as Japan's most loved "guy", as DORAEMON! Guitarist fought back saying, "I am human!!" XD
- Guitarist took a bowl from nowhere and announced he loves BAK KUT TEH! And started nom nom nom-ing it! 

I guess the climax was when they sang Kimi ni Todoke, the fans were singing along with such resounding confidence and it made Ryuta realllly happy. He is a very nice guy who gives lots of fanservice. Mentioned something that "Please keep having the beautiful smiles". Touches me a lot!

They ended with 3 songs for encore and I think our eyes met Ryuta when we were busy jumping with our lightsticks trying to catch his attention.



Amakawa Genki (Bassist)'s pick and smileshutter's towel she bought from the venue

I have already have a soft spot for this guy and HERE COMES HIS PICK FLYING FROM NOWHERE! How are you expecting me to not react? 

The process:
- I saw him taking his pick to throw to fans
- Something hit my chest and landed on the ground
- I looked down, there seems to be something black
- Had to squat on my very wobbly legs to pick it up

Thank you Genki-kun, I think I have instantly became your fan thanks to this small item!

Thank you flumpool, Thank you WEAVER, Thank you Genki
Hope to see you again soon!

yukihiro: so beautiful



I've got a new idol(?) in the past few months. 

Someone who doesn't speak much

Someone with weird interests

Someone who drums like a robot

But also someone with a very nice smile! (Which reminds me of Go's smiles at times)

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V6: As one

Rainbow has landed in my heart!

Has been such a long time since I've updated my livejournal. Had been caught up with work and new fandoms!

I'm hooked, addicted and is officially a L'Arc~en~Ciel fan now :) 
Though only a 2-month old fan! 

Have I mentioned that I actually saw Yukihiro, Ken and Tetsuya IN PERSON a month back when a friend and I decide to stalk them in Singapore. Fun, memorable, unforgettable memories. 

Please, please please return to Singapore again! :) 

剛健: forever laughing


Is it me but.. not only Facebook changed it's looks, but Livejournal too?

Anyway, if I have not been appearing at all on livejournal for a long time, that's because I no longer have access to Internet at home. We now depend school for Internet. And, to make it worse, we only have 2GB of internet usage per month. Which is why I'm very limited to almost everything.

But luckily for Jdownloader, that I can still download my Zenkai Girl and some anime stuffs (:

I'll make a proper return in December! (:

Current addiction

Since 3 weeks back... I am addicted to one thing.

Which is Zenkai Girl (currently at episode 06)
I am so addicted that I stalk for it's most recent episode by looking at all sites and to get my dose by the next afternoon after it was aired in Japan. That is how bad it is.

And you might just ask, so what's amazing about that drama.
Oh well, it might not have the best story plotline ever, or the best casting but there is a factor which is drawing me to watch it without fail.

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