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16 September 2012 @ 02:22 am
Thank you flumpool, Thank you WEAVER  
Back from my WEAVER & flumpool's showcase at SCAPE (Singapore)

Some photos to round up this whole experience!

Tickets with my companions for the live!

How was the experience; It was MAGICAL

This is my 2nd time attending a JRock concert after L'Arc~en~Ciel 20 weeks back. I did not do much homework on flumpool as I was still in my laruku's dreamland all the time but I do listen to flumpool songs, especially the popular ones such as 君に届け and the theme songs which they covered for Bloody Monday.

I met up with Peiwen as she was in town to get some farewell gifts and we had to grab some food for quick dinner. Met anyoneofus at Somerset 313 and we made our way to SCAPE warehouse and was disappointed to know the Tote bag was SOLD OUT! Guessed I should have went earlier for it!

We have gotten a cake earlier to celebrate many things, but mainly for Kanjani 8's Yasu's belated birthday!

And we gotten Strawberry Souffle Cheesecake, one of my favourite from FLOR bakery!

And we were told there was a queue for the admission for the live and we queued and we entered approximately 6:45pm, with me headed straight to the extreme left of the venue because I wanted to see the bassist of flumpool!

Our view was amazing, we were the 2nd row from the fence for General Admission. 
They played music videos from both bands before the start. And when it started, everyone screamed with much enthusiasm.
WEAVER appeared first.

WEAVER had a cute talks, and from the limited English speaking skills the vocalist had.

It was their second time in Singapore and they were here earlier in March. 
Vocalist (Yuji) loves sweet stuffs so he loved Ice Kachang and that will be his motivation for the performance. 

Then Drummer (Toru) was happily doing weird movements and actions and I spotted him singing along with the vocalist, and during his talk, he started jumping like a elementary school boy saying he recently came to Singapore with his family and we went to Night Safari and Flyer! And he even mentioned he learned Mandarin so could he use it during the live, which of course, everyone screamed "YESSS!". He went on saying how much he loves Singapore which got the Bassist (Shouta) replied "I know Chinese too!" and both were like high school kids competing who loves Singapore better. The vocalist had to budge in to say "I LOVE SINGAPORE BEST!" XD

Quite happy how they kept mentioning Singapore and how glad they are to be here. And though I didn't know most songs, I was truly excited when they sang HARD TO SAY I LOVE YOU (only song I knew, and theme song of Sunao ni Narenakutte)!

After their performance, audience wanted encore, they came out and told us to use our cameras to take pictures and guess what I found on the internet already?

WEAVER's vocalist told us, "You can take photos as you want" during the encore so here is a photo I took! 

There was a 15-20mins break before flumpool appeared and it was CRAZY when they appeared, everyone (or almost everyone) CHEERED, FANGIRLED, SCREAMED!

And before the whole band took their "seats", I have already spotted the Bassist (Genki) whom I've liked earlier on while watching their videos. And yes, he is as handsome as I thought! The atmosphere for flumpool was different from WEAVER, a higher level of rock-ing and their songs were amazing (though as usual, I didn't know all of it). My eyes were mainly on Bassist and Vocalist (Ryuta) because of our positions, but it also means the 2 most handsome members for me to admire. 

The introduction of members were very cute! Vocalist (Ryuta) referred his band mates as "left side" "right side" "behind", and
- He made the Bassist speak! Heard that he is a very quiet guy!
- Drummer headed to the front and smiled like the sun is on him (Reminds me of yukihiro!)
- Introduced Guitarist (Sakai) as Japan's most loved "guy", as DORAEMON! Guitarist fought back saying, "I am human!!" XD
- Guitarist took a bowl from nowhere and announced he loves BAK KUT TEH! And started nom nom nom-ing it! 

I guess the climax was when they sang Kimi ni Todoke, the fans were singing along with such resounding confidence and it made Ryuta realllly happy. He is a very nice guy who gives lots of fanservice. Mentioned something that "Please keep having the beautiful smiles". Touches me a lot!

They ended with 3 songs for encore and I think our eyes met Ryuta when we were busy jumping with our lightsticks trying to catch his attention.



Amakawa Genki (Bassist)'s pick and smileshutter's towel she bought from the venue

I have already have a soft spot for this guy and HERE COMES HIS PICK FLYING FROM NOWHERE! How are you expecting me to not react? 

The process:
- I saw him taking his pick to throw to fans
- Something hit my chest and landed on the ground
- I looked down, there seems to be something black
- Had to squat on my very wobbly legs to pick it up

Thank you Genki-kun, I think I have instantly became your fan thanks to this small item!

Thank you flumpool, Thank you WEAVER, Thank you Genki
Hope to see you again soon!

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didihimedidihime on September 18th, 2012 06:27 pm (UTC)
Ah~ Looks so happy... :D I wish I could go to a concert. Never been to one... XD I don't listen much to both of this group but maybe I'll give it a try someday... Anyway, nice report. Also congratz... :)